The School Of Mystic Arts (SOMA) was founded by Becky & Cory Center to translate the wisdom of the ancients to suit modern life. 
Using tools aligned with their expertise, Becky & Cory provide immersive experiences into the worlds of
Sanskrit mantra, Western alchemy and the journey of the moon.


Becky Center is pursuing her Ph.D., studying how Sanskrit mantra effects flow states in the mind. She is a gifted mentor and a certified life coach,  training others to become life coaches across the globe.

Becky taught yoga for over 15 years, writing and teaching trainings all around the world. Becky is also a certified Vedic chanting instructor, learning one of the most intricate, precise styles of Sanskrit chanting in the world. 

Cory Center is a published poet, author, and an ordained high priest of the mystic arts. He is also an accomplished musician, yoga teacher, and myofascial release specialist.

Cory's true passion has always been philosophy, eventually leading him to alchemy and the process of transformation - which he now teaches around the world.

Becky & Cory continuously create as they travel the world together with their son. Together, they created The Moonrise Project; the feminine operating system designed to teach you how to do less and create more.

Becky & Cory host retreats around the world, and they are in constant development of 21 Day Mantra Meditation courses; and they always seem to have a new project up their sleeve...

Stay tuned to see what's next!