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If you’re looking for a community to explore reality creation, magick,
and practical spirituality, this is what you’ve been looking for!

On the forth Friday of each month a new, introductory class is taught live and recorded.

Each 1-hour class is complete with a lesson, a practice, and Q & A section.

You also have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask any questions,
share insights, and take part in deep, meaningful conversations with others
committed to creating a new, harmonious reality.

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Prime Alchemist, Cory Center

Prime Alchemist, Cory Center

To become an apprentice, click ⤴︎ and schedule your Apprenticeship Interview

To become an apprentice, click ⤴︎ and schedule your Apprenticeship Interview

Magick School Apprenticeship Program

The Magick School Apprenticeship Program has been designed to guide you to discover your unique style of magick. As an apprentice, you are encouraged to ask questions, experiment, and push the boundaries of what is possible to learn what works for you. It is through practice that you will learn how to wield your magick, and each failed experiment serves to teach a valuable lesson throughout your apprenticeship.

The Magick School Apprenticeship Program lasts no less than one full year, and our commitment is to ensure the full understanding of each apprentice’s magickal system before your apprenticeship can be called complete. When you reemerge into the world, you will be an entirely different person, ready to face anything that comes your way - physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

The course work of the Magick School Apprenticeship Program begins with a study of the basics. You must master the basic internal processes before attempting to apply them. The basics course gives you the tools and techniques you will need throughout the rest of your magickal journey; in- and outside of your apprenticeship.

Once you master the basics, you will move on to explore the elements - the building blocks of our world. The elemental studies in the Magick School Apprenticeship Program are aligned with the alchemical elements, taking you far beyond the traditional four elements to provide a deep, rich experience of how to work with the elements.

Planetary studies follow the elements, and this is where you will learn the archetypes that make up your personality. There is no one version of yourself that can fulfill your life’s mission, so it is critical that you know all the versions of yourself. When you take the time to get to know yourself in this manner, you are able to call upon the appropriate version of yourself for any situation you face.

You apprenticeship will culminate by studying the alchemical process. This is where you will transform an area of your life that is holding you back from living the life you truly desire. The alchemical process is aligned with the planets, which are informed by the elements, and it is here that you will learn to bring together all that you have learned. Plus, this is a process that can be applied to any area of life - and you will know how to use this powerful process from this moment forward.

Three weeks out of each month you will meet with our prime alchemist. This is a time where you can direct any questions, plan any rituals, ceremonies, or experiments, and deepen your understanding of the material. This meeting will take place on a conference line, and each call will be recorded so you can review the material at any time.

Your Magick School Apprenticeship Program will culminate with a 10-day magickal intensive in an exotic location (usually Costa Rica) with Prime Alchemist Cory Center. Below you will find all the areas of study covered in the Magick School Apprenticeship Program, when you’re ready to start creating your reality, click the picture to the left and schedule your Apprenticeship Interview.


You must have a foundation to build upon. In your apprenticeship, you will begin by learning to manage your energy. This is the most important skill for any magickal undertaking. Without the ability to manage and identify your own energy, you will never reap the full benefits of your work.


The four elements construct our entire world - inside and out. When you learn to harness and apply their power, you can master yourself in any situation. As an alchemist you are responsible for yourself at all times; as an apprentice you are learning this responsibility as you experience the four elements.


In your apprenticeship you will learn the traditional seven planets, how to use their energy in your life and business, and how to use these archetypes (and your unique expressions of them) you get to choose how you show up in every situation.


Alchemy combines all you have learned up to this point. This is where you apply what you have learned to transform yourself. You will learn the7-step alchemical process as you apply it to your life, transforming yourself with the very process you have chosen to learn.