Ritual Practices

Transforming reality begins with transforming oneself.
Transforming oneself requires courage, dedication, and structure.
Courage is the willingness to face your demons, fears, and the unknown.
Dedication is your commitment to face challenges without backing down.
Your ritual practices are what create your structure.
Welcome to Magick School. 


Meditation: Cultivating Stillness

If you cannot meditate, you cannot do magick.


Visualization: Mental Construction

If you cannot imagine it, you cannot create it.


Purification: Energy Attunement

Bringing oneself into alignment requires the commitment to let go.


Protection: Thought Projection

Every experiment, magick or otherwise, needs a container to incubate.


Initiation: Personal Responsibility

Resentment is a cancer of the mind.


Incantation: Magick Words

Never underestimate the power of Self-expression.


Enchantment: Reality Creation

Success begins with imagination.


Integration: Come Together

Every end is a new beginning


Alchemist's Apprenticeship

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