Bodywork is...

"...a general term for therapeutic methods that center on the body for the promotion of physical health and
emotional and spiritual well-being; including massage, various systems of touch and manipulation,

relaxation techniques, and practices designed to affect the body's energy flow." - Dorland's Medical Dictionary

At the School Of Mystic Arts, we see the body as the vector between our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Your
body is always in the present moment, it is what anchors your mind to this space and time. Your body is what allows you to feel
and experience emotions; and it is your body that houses your spirit throughout your lifetime.  Our bodies have the extraordinary
ability to heal themselves, sometimes the body needs a little guidance. At SOMA, your body will find that guidance through
Myofascial Release with Cory Center.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release (MFR) was created through experimentation on the part of many rebels and free thinkers over the past 50 years. It is a style of therapy that addresses the fascial tissue in a way that no other form of therapy or bodywork does. There are no any tests that will tell you if you have fascial restrictions, yet restricted fascial tissue causes 1,970 lbs of pressure per square inch. Imagine the pain and dysfunction that can cause when placed over joints, organs and nerves…

It gets worse...

These restrictions are caused by both physical AND emotional trauma. While experiencing these restrictions can be brutal, this actually shows how well your body and mind work together. They protect you from experiences that are too overwhelming, your mind allows you to dissociate in the moment and your body stores the memory in your fascia so it can only be accessed when you are ready.

There are many was to release these restrictions, most of which are extremely aggressive and painful. What makes Cory the Myofascial Magician is his ability to assist you with releasing these restrictions in a way that is gentle, yet powerful.

With this style of MFR you are able to release both the physical and emotional pain stored in the tissue; restoring lost movement, relieving intense pain, and restoring your sense of ease and harmony. This therapy includes ALL of you: mind, body and spirit - if you are willing to go all in. 

Cory Center,  The Myofascial Magician  (Photo by  Candace Smith Photography )

Cory Center, The Myofascial Magician (Photo by Candace Smith Photography)

A few things that make this work different from any other type of physical therapy:

  • You are encouraged to FEEL and EXPRESS your emotions fully. You are in no way required to be quiet during your sessions - your body is storing decades of pain and you need to let that shit out. Cory will hold the space for you to process however you need to.
  • You are encouraged to let your body move during treatment. When you really let go and start to release your restrictions your body may need to move in various (often unorthodox) ways, and you are welcome to let that movement happen. Cory will continue to treat you and keep you safe as you go through your process.
  • You are encouraged to adopt practices that will further your release while simultaneously cultivating your purpose. When you devote yourself to your practices in this way you can attain a level of clarity that is unavailable when you are stuck in a cycle of pain and trauma.
"Pain is a symptom of something deeper, and until you are ready to face what lies below, your symptoms will reoccur. It may not be right away, and you might even injure yourself in a different way, but your symptoms will return until you break the cycle by facing the feelings that exist at the root of your pain. I have specialized in myofascial release because I see all of you and I want you to be inspired to live until you die - REALLY live." - Cory Center

Buddha said it best: 

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

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