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For the price of a few cups of coffee you can have access to mentorship with Prime Alchemist Cory Center.

Live tele-class calls are 60 minutes each month.

You will receive a link to the recording of each call, plus a detailed report on the monthly practice.

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Monthly Class & Office Hours

On the fourth Friday of each month join your fellow classmates as Cory teaches a new topic. Learn a new practice each month to make your journey through life a little easier. At the end of this call Cory will answer any and all questions you have - but you have to be present to participate.


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Community & Online Support

Magick School Office Hours is a community of individuals devoted to personal growth, expanding consciousness, and fulfilling their life's purpose. This is a place to access extra videos and information, and connect with other likeminded people on the journey to self-actualization. You can join this group free for an initial taste of the topics offered in Magick School Office Hours, and to get a feel for Cory.

 explore the deeper mysteries of the universe and Take command of your life for only $18 per month!

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Topic List

This is a list of sample topics that will be covered on the monthly calls. This list is not exhaustive, and you are free to email Cory about topics you would like learn more about.

An Introduction to Rune Magick
The Laws of Magick
Working With Elementals & Fairy Folk
Principles of Chaos Magick
Intro to Alchemy
The Three Realms of Existence
The Three Phases of Consciousness
Jesus the Alchemist
How to Deal with the Devil
Magick Squares: The Art of Sigil Creation
Setting Intentions That Actually Work
Exploring Your Planetary Body


Discover your answers to life's tough questions for the same price as taking yourself to lunch.

If you know you're ready to take command for your life and you sign up for a full year of Magick School Office Hours, you will get a ONE-ON-ONE Orientation Call with Cory. Discuss your plan or the year, how you imagine Office Hours supporting your goals, and ask any questions you may have during your time together. 

Learn from an Adept

Cory SM.jpg

Cory Center is a prime alchemist on a road to self-mastery, his passion is to help others access their genius so they can fully pursue their own path to mastery as well. He is a spiritual alchemist, published poet and author, as well as an accomplished musician - he is the modern Renaissance man. Through his studies in yoga, alchemy, and astrology Cory has found his belief system and he guides others to find theirs.

Cory developed the Magick School Apprenticeship Program, a course designed to face your demons, rediscover yourself, and create your life through conscious choice. Cory is passionate about helping others discover their genius so they can share their brilliance with the world.

By combining online courses, incorporating ritual, experimentation, and self-study, Cory guides his apprentices on a journey of self-discovery. He lives by example, traveling the world with his wife and son as they teach, learn, and share adventures. 

β€œThe more you know yourself, the more powerful you are.” - Cory Center