Path - Charting a COurse
The Moonrise Maps

Know where you want to go. Then navigate the terrain. When you chart your course; you pick a destination, check to see if the conditions favor your journey, then you pick a starting direction. You do not travel in a straight line to get there; you adjust for the conditions you face. 

If you are too attached to the course you prepared, you will miss opportunities along the way. You might also miss your destination altogether. Take the time to prepare; then be present. Find your flow as you embark upon your journey and choose the legacy you leave behind.

sunrise 2.jpeg

Day - Presence

You have to know where you are to get to where you want to go. Get clear on your current project, connections and commitments so you can fulfill your intentions and achieve your goals.

moonrise .jpg

Month - FloW

Set your intention for the month. Plan your actions in alignment with the moon's phases. Create ease, abundance, and flow throughout your month.


Year - Journey

What is your goal for this year? Get clear on what you want to accomplish, then align your actions with the seasons so you know what to focus on (and when) throughout the year.


Life - Legacy

Look into the future, far beyond your current lifetime - how are you remembered? What is the great work you have left behind? Make your vision a reality by planning your legacy.