This membership is your guide to realign your life with the effortless rhythm of nature so you can create more of what you love by doing less. By following the cycles of the moon you will learn how to accomplish your goals with less effort, so you can take control of your time. Once you experience this natural rhythm, you will know an ease you have never experienced before.


Moonrise Maps

Know where you want to go. Then navigate the terrain. When you chart your course; you pick a destination, check to see if the conditions favor your journey, then you pick a starting direction. You do not travel in a straight line to get there; you adjust for the conditions you face. 

If you are too attached to the course you prepared, you will miss opportunities along the way. You might also miss your destination altogether. Take the time to prepare; then be present. Find your flow as you embark upon your journey and choose the legacy you leave behind.


Every good adventurer needs tools for their journey. For your inner journey, the tools we will explore are your breath, body and voice. It is with breath that life begins; your body must become your home; and your voice grants you access to deeper levels of creation. This is your connection to yourself. 

JAN 16 - APRIL 15


You have to be able to take care of yourself along your journey. Connect with the right people, and let prosperity flow into your life. Experience reverence as you explore relationship in a whole new way. Create the rituals you need to maintain your prosperity. To be prosperous, focus on your connection to others.

April 15 - July 12


Remember to enjoy yourself along the way! Discover how embodying the elements can expand your capacity for pleasure. Harness the power of your sensual energy, and learn to transform anything in your life with a brand-new alchemical process. Experience pleasure in a whole new way. Pleasure is found in your connection to nature.

July 12 - Oct 8


Every journey leads you deeper inside; which is the only place peace can be found. Learn some new practices to help your journey to inner peace. Explore mantra and deepen the power of your voice. Experience movement as a path to stillness, and experiment with a new style of meditation. For peace, connect with the Divine.

Oct 8 - Jan 5