Peace - Mutual harmony

Once your journey reaches its end you will have a powerful story to tell, and your journey is finally coming to an end. As you work with mantra you will free your mind and empower your voice, so you can properly tell your story. It’s time to act accordingly as you take the time to heal your body through movement; and to clarify your perspective, get a dose of alternative medicine as you work with meditation. This is the season to connect with the Divine, to receive any necessary messages, and to take the time to care for your body as you end the year going Into the Darkness.



Peace is a state of being, it is not something to be attained. To achieve a state of peace you must bring your entire being into harmony. This means you must find the appropriate amount of energy to devote to each area of your life; the trick is that you are the only person who will know when this harmony is achieved. To remain at peace you must be willing to be fully present.

Oct 8 - Jan 5



The first step in creating a peaceful existence is to cultivate a different state of consciousness. Mantra meditation brings about a change in consciousness without the need to consume any mind-altering substance. Through the practice of mantra meditation you can free your mind; and with true mental clarity you create the opportunity to powerfully choose where you place your focus.

Oct 8 - nov 7



It is nearly impossible to maintain a state of peace if you are holding pain in your body. When you take the time to listen to your body and act accordingly, you open up the possibility to cultivate a lasting state of peace within yourself. By taking the time to honor your body and allow it to unwind all unnecessary energy, you bring yourself one step closer to true peace.

nov 7 - dec 7



Meditation is an ancient, mystical practice that has been around since the beginning of human history. When you take the time to cultivate a meditation practice, you are giving yourself a dose of alternative medicine to heal your mind, body, and spirit. Through meditation you have the ability to release that which disturbs your peace, no matter what area of life needs attention.

dec 7 - jan 5