Pleasure - exquisite delight

Every journey has an end, and this season marks the beginning of your return journey; the end is in sight. Explore the original principles of this world with the elements. Upgrade your system dynamics as you work with energy, and start writing your personal mythology as you study alchemy. Follow your bliss as you delve into pleasure this season. Find your connection to nature; immerse yourself in her natural rhythm and find contentment. Reconnect to your roots and discover the delights you’ve been dreaming of.

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Pleasure is something that originates inside you. This means that you must choose to experience pleasure. This also means that you can generate pleasure in any situation, at any time; it’s all a matter of choice. Take this time of the year to explore what brings you exquisite delight, and take your experience of pleasure to a whole new level.

july 12 - oct 8

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The elements are the building blocks of life; earth, water, fire, and air. You can see these elements everywhere around you, and not just in a physical sense. These are the original principles upon which everything else is built. Even the human psyche reflects the four elements, but you have to know how to use them.

july 12 - aug 11



You have set your foundation with the elements, now it is time to build upon that foundation. Energy is the unseen force that ties all things together. As you study your own energy, you will learn your system dynamics - the unseen forces that are constantly at work in your life. With this information, you can create anything you desire.

Aug 11 - Sept 9



Alchemy is the ancient occult science of turning lead into gold. It is also the process in which we free ourselves from emotional pain, irrational fears, and anything else that impacts our quality of life. The study of alchemy is what allows you to understand your personal mythology; your unique belief system.

sept 9 - oct 8