Prosperity - Good Fortune

Now that you know who you are, it's time to go out and play. Build your good fortune on a solid foundation of reverence. Create a revolution through your relationships, and cultivate new habits as you experience ritual in a whole new way.

This part of your journey will take you out into the world to share yourself with others. Some experiences will allow you to soar to new heights, some may give you the opportunity to excavate new aspects of your shadow. With each experience, you will grow with others in your life. 



To fully experience prosperity, you must know what you want. To manifest your desires, you must be able to visualize them. The next step is to connect with others to get what you need. In this way you will create your own good fortune; however that looks for you.

April 5 - July 2



Gratitude is nice, but reverence takes your level of appreciation to a whole new level. The idea with reverence is to pay your respects; whenever and wherever you need to. By spending time in reverence, it is much easier to find fulfillment in your life - and your relationships.

April 5 - May 4



A revolution takes many people devoted to a single cause. In order for people to commit to take up a cause, there must first be a relationship. Whether a personal ambition or a goal to change the world, learn how to create your own revolution through (and in) your relationships.

May 4 - June 3



Everyone has their own rituals, even you. Many of these rituals become mindless habits which takes away their power. Create your own daily rituals, connect them to a deeper meaning; change your life. We are intelligent creatures of habit, so why not make those habits work for you?

June 3 - July 2